Puppy tragically dies after flight attendant forces owner to stuff his dog in overhead locker

Professionals should be able to tranquilize people and be trustworthy, but, sometimes, that isn't the case, and their malpractice can lead to injury or even death.

That was exactly what happened on March 12, 2018. A passenger, whose identity is yet to be revealed, boarded United Airlines flight 1284, from Houston to New York, with her children and their puppy.

The dog, a French bulldog named Papacito, was in his carrier, just like any animal that boards a plane. But the woman was approached by one of the flight attendants, who asked her something unusual, as reported by the Daily Mail.

She asked the owner to place the dog in the overhead container, where small luggage is usually placed. At first, the woman refused, but the flight attendant, who also hasn't been identified, assured her that the animal would be safe.

The owner agreed and the puppy was taken out of its carrier and placed in the bin. When the plane landed in New York City, the family was shocked to find Papacito dead.

According to the source, June Lara, a fellow passenger who sat behind the dog owner, said that the flight attendant insisted on placing the puppy in the bin because he would be more comfortable there.

Papacito was crammed inside the container for three whole hours without any airflow, let alone food or water. Lara confessed that she cried with the family and that the sight of the puppy's body was very disturbing.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Lara blamed the flight attendant for Papacito's death, claiming that the family paid $125 to for their pet to be murdered in front of their eyes.

Maggie Gremminger, another passenger, pointed her finger at the United Airlines, arguing that their professionals should be aware of the safety procedures, as well as the rules and limitations of the aircraft. The case will now continue to be investigated.

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