Prince Charles wants a special title for Camilla when he becomes King, new report reveals

Prince Charles might be vying to get Camilla the title of the Queen Consort when he eventually inherits the throne.

New reports suggest that the palace might allow Camilla Parker Bowles, the wife of Prince Charles, to hold the title of the Queen, according to Closer Weekly.

The source reported that Camilla's future Princess Consort title has been removed from the FAQ section on the Clarence House website without any proper explanation.

It was further reported that rumors alleged that Charles wants Camilla to receive the Queen Consort title when he eventually becomes King and is pushing for it.

It was announced by Clarence House, when Camilla married Charles in a small ceremony in April 2005, that she would be taking the Duchess of Cornwall name and then would become Her Royal Highness, Princess Consort when Charles eventually inherits the throne.

"Camilla still does not want to be Queen but Prince Charles will pull out all the stops to get her to be Queen Consort," an insider revealed Closer Weekly.

The inside source further revealed the online magazine that the official on Camilla's title is that she would still be Princess Consort when the Queen passes away. However, it is Prince Charles who is trying to get her the title of Queen consort.

The insider also stated that Charles' desire to have her named Queen Consort is only reasonable because she is one of the most active members of the Royal Family, who has officially represented the Queen on countless occasions so far.

The editor-in-chief of Royal Central, Charlie Proctor, further claimed that not allowing Camilla to hold the title of Queen Consort would set a "dangerous precedent," as it would undermine all the tireless work she has done.

There are more who have spoken in favor of allowing Camilla to hold the title of the Queen. Previously, the author of Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life also claimed that most constitutional experts agreed that Camilla is entitled to be Queen.

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