Honey with turmeric is the most potent antibiotic and even doctors can't explain it

Preeti Pillai
Mar 15, 2018
04:27 A.M.

The beneficial properties of this miraculous spice are countless.


An article published by Shared compiled the remedial properties of turmeric, and how it can be used as a natural antibiotic in home remedies.

Spices are known to be versatile in their usefulness – many of them are used as used as medicinal ingredients. Ayurveda, the study of natural medicine is built on such medicinal properties of herbs, spices and more.

However, among the different spices that are used both in food and medicine, turmeric is arguably the most beneficial one.

Ancient scholars discovered the wonders of this spice ages ago, and their prescriptions can be found in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine.

Turmeric is often used as a base ingredient for home remedies against various health problems. The most common usage is against infections, bruises, and cuts.


Apart from being an effective disinfectant that helps in closing wounds, turmeric also plays in instrumental role in the treatment of liver-related illnesses, respiratory problems, muscle spasms and sprains and even malignant tumors.

A regular ingredient in many South-Asian cuisines, turmeric is added for its digestive properties, besides the unique flavor and color.

The anti-microbial and antioxidant features are a result of one specific ingredient called curcumin.


Even doctors practicing modern medicine have acknowledged the curative effects of the spice. Research has proven that turmeric is effective in treating gastritis, peptic and gastric ulcers, the DNA and inflammation molecules.

A mere 200 mg of turmeric, when consumed regularly, can have a lasting and calming impact on osteoarthritis.

Another important ingredient of turmeric is turmerone, and it comes with its own set of benefits. Turmerone has the power to enhance the functioning of the brain cells and even repair them.

That is what makes turmeric an effective part of treating brain-related illness like Alzheimer’s disease.

Turmeric can also be a handy home remedy against common cold or flu when one tablespoon is taken along with 100 grams of honey at regular intervals.

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