Father forced teen daughter to abandon her baby. 30 years later she learns the truth

After being a victim of her own family's prejudices, this woman received the surprise she was waiting for during thirty long years, and it was better than she expected.

In 1967, Jenna was in love with David, but her father wouldn't allow her to date David, as his family was from the poorer section of town.

According to Mundo, Salud y Más, the couple used to sneak around to be able to see each other with the help of friends.

When Jenna discovered that she was pregnant, her father forced the helpless teen to live with an aunt until the baby was born.

When the baby was finally born, her father gave the poor child for adoption. She wasn't able to even see her own child for more than mere seconds.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

David joined the army and went to fight in Vietnam and although he wrote some letters to Jenna, her father and friends threw them away.

Jenna went to college and got a good job in a large city to never return to her hometown, still angry that her father had not allowed her to keep her child and marry David.

30 years later, she received a call from his son. His name was Bradley, he was thirty-years-old and married and already had two children.

"Can we meet sometime soon?" the young man asked, and she wasn't going to miss this opportunity.

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Source: Shutterstock

When she met him at the airport, they hugged and cried for several minutes, but his grandson had a bigger surprise for her.

The little boy began to shout and run toward another man while yelling "Grandpa!" and Jenna couldn't believe what she was seeing.

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Source: Shutterstock

"Yes, it’s really him. I found him last week, and he has been to the house to visit us. He was very excited to know that I was meeting you today. He never got married either, you know," Bradley explained.

After an emotional scene at the airport, the couple decided to stay together and Bradley was able to witness his parent’s marriage at Christmas time that year.

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