Do you know who may give away Meghan after her dad and brother were ‘not invited’ to wedding?

The Prince had said that his wife-to-be will finally get the family she never had.

According to, Meghan’s father and half-brother did not make it to the guest list for the wedding on May 19, 2018.

There has been some bad blood between Prince Harry and Meghan Meghan’s father. 

Reports suggest that Meghan’s father and brother will not be part of the celebrations set to take place at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle later this year.

Due to the absence of her two closest relatives, Prince William may be the one to give away the 36-year-old actress.

Meghan’s half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr., was accused of holding a gun to his girlfriend’s head during an argument last year. This action of his resulted in invitation not being extended to him.

A source close to the family told Daily Star that had Thomas Jr. not spoke to the media, Meghan would probably have thought about inviting him.

According to reports, the soon-to-be Royal’s father, Thomas Sr., too was not invited to the wedding. Meghan is also worried about how he would handle the news as her father has become even more of a recluse.

To add to that, things have not been smooth between Harry and Thomas Sr. after the former made comments about Meghan finally get the family “she never had.”

It is learned that Meghan prefers that her mother should give her away. However, it is unlikely that the wish would be granted and it could be Prince William who would give her away. Some of the Royals are not happy with the idea and suggested that William does it.

Not too long ago, Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha, insisted that their father would fulfill his duties as the father of the bride.

She said, “Of course my father wants to speak at the wedding and he will. He is proud and looks forward to it.”

There has been no word from Kensington Palace. Fans have to wait a little longer to find out who will finally end up attending the much-awaited royal wedding. 

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