Family was swimming in a lake when something suddenly appeared behind them

The mother and children didn’t realize what was awaiting them.

According to an article published by Viral Viral Videos, a mother was swimming at Okinawa Island with her children, when the camera captured someone approaching them from behind.

Bethany Bronson was enjoying a dip in the Pacific Ocean on a beautiful day with her four children. Her husband was a U.S. Air Force doctor and had to be away for six months on an assignment in Afghanistan.

Bethany and her children came up with the idea of shooting a video of their beach vacation and sending it to their father. It was a fun experience until the camera captured someone approaching them in the water from behind.

At first, it was impossible to tell who the stranger was. It appeared that the person was wearing scuba gear that resembled a familiar uniform.

A few seconds later, the five Bronsons squealed with joy when they realized that it was none other than Captain Hyrum Bronson, Bethany’s husband and the father of the children himself.

Bethany and the children were thrilled since the captain was home three weeks earlier than scheduled.

Before the surprise, the family friend who was holding the camera asked the children what they would say if their father was with them at that moment.

Charity, the daughter, exclaimed that she would love her father forever. Bethany also expressed her love for her husband.

The family friend stated that he would share this video with Captain Bronson. Moments later, Captain Bronson swam up to his family and stood in the water to give them the happy surprise.

Bethany could not believe that her husband was home, and Captain Bronson himself looked overjoyed to see her and their children.

On a funny note, the captain tried to speak in the military tone that he was reporting for duty for his wife and children.

Bethany was visibly emotional, and could not hold back her own tears of happiness. The couple then hugged each other tightly after being away from each other for over five months.

The children’s excitement knew no bounds either. They huddled up around him and took turns to hug their beloved father.

NTD reported that the heart-warming homecoming video of Captain Bronson was soon uploaded to social media.
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