Newborn baby was born so premature that her parents could see her brain through her skin

A prematurely born child turned out to be a fighter as she defies odds to survive one of the most horrible situations.

Hallie Dillon, who was born so prematurely that her brain was visible through her head skin, is now one year of age and has recovered from her early scares following her birth.

According to Metro, Dillon is the daughter of Cheri Price, a 22-year-old, who went into labor at 23 weeks and six days, which is just one day before the abortion cut-off point.

At the time of her birth, Dillon weighed no more than 1lb and 2ozs. She suffered from a collapsed lung and endured seven minutes without breathing.

It took 18 days for her before she was finally allowed to be taken to her mother, Price, who finally held her on February 23 last year at James Cook Hospital, Middlesbrough.

Price opened up about her experience about the time when she saw her child for the first time ever. "When Hallie was born, it sounds band to say it, but she looked like a red alien."

The mother further revealed that Hallie was still in the fetus stage and did not even look like a human baby. It was hard to believe that she even survived.

She was immediately put into an incubator and they were allowed to touch her. However, they could all see her and could see how the veins of her brain were visible through her red skin.

The source reported that Prince's contractions started early in January last year but the local hospital could not deal with such premature birth. She then decided to go to Darlington Teesside with her boyfriend Timothy Dillon to give birth.

She suffered contractions throughout her 300-mile long journey, which took eight hours on a ferry and then a train.

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