'American Idol' judge had an awkward wardrobe malfunction in front of Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie

The new season of the famous singing reality show returned with its usual set of drama and laughter.

Singing icon Katy Perry, who is one of the judges on the latest season of American Idol, suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction when she lost her footing and landed on the floor, according to Chron.

The source reported that Perry's dress dropped low during the event and gave everyone in the room, including the cameras, 'a view up her dress.' It had to be tactfully censored and covered by the American Idol logo.

Fellow judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie came to her help, but by that time she had already endured several seconds of awkward wardrobe malfunction moment. But the ever-confident and bold singer managed to simply laugh off the whole situation.

Perry had joined the stage alongside a contestant, Michelle Sussett, to dance as she sang her version of Selena's Techno Cumbia. Unfortunately, Perry lost her footing when the dance move began to drop low.

Perry lost her balance while dancing in her high heels and went down on the floor, bursting into laughter. Her dazzling Greta Constantine mini then suffered a malfunction as her undergarments were revealed before the camera.

Following the incident, Bryan joked, "Oh dear God... there are things a man can't unsee." However, he quickly rushed to Perry's help along with co-judge Ritchie.

The source further reported that this wasn't the only moment made memorable by the glamorous singer. She also made the day of another contestant, Benjamin Glaze, an electronic store cashier from Enid, Oklahoma.

After revealing to the judges that he had never been in a relationship and had never kissed a girl, Perry gave him a gift for a lifetime. She stood from her seat and invited Glaze to come over to her.

She then planted a kiss on his cheek and then, at the last second, she turned her head and landed a kiss on his lips.

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