Cop stops woman for running red light. Moments later he was forced to call for backup

Red lights are there for a reason. People must be patient and wait for their turn to pass in order to avoid an accident.

When policemen see that someone passes a red light, they pull them over and, after a quick conversation and verification of their IDs, they fine them, most of the times. Something completely different happened to Officer Nicholas Mitchell.

As Little Things reported, he saw a speeding car that passed a red light in Rockwood, Michigan. As he pulled it over, he noticed that the driver was Rhonda McArthur, who looked very worried. Next to her, there was a young boy, Nick.

Before even asking for her driving license and registration, Mitchell stared at him and asked McArthur if he was okay because he was struggling to breathe.

The truth is that Nick, 10, was experiencing a very severe attack of asthma that was threatening his life. Knowing that, McArthur was driving as fast as she could to get to the hospital before it was too late.

Mitchell knew that he had to do something quickly. He called 911 but they told him there was any ambulance available near them at that moment. Soon after that, he chose to take matters into his own hands.

He and his backup firefighter drove the family to the hospital using the sirens to move faster through the heavy traffic. Everything ended up in the best possible way as doctors saved Nick and he suffered no further damage.

McArthur, full of gratitude, thanked Mitchell for his actions and admitted that his helpful actions were just what they needed. He didn’t fine her because it was clear that she was rushing due to a life-threatening situation.

‘Thank you for being empathetic. Thank you for being there when I didn’t think I needed anybody, but I did.’

Rhonda McArthur, Little Things, March 2018.

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