Boy thought he had a pencil stuck in his ear. But doctor makes an unpleasant discovery

As children are always on the look for new experiences, they are also the most prone to suffer weird unexpected accidents.

Most children are often unaware of the consequences of their actions, and as a result, they have to learn the hard way.

Louis King is one of these boys who are always doing something different and this time, he had a rough learning experience.

The little boy had to be rushed to the ER because he had apparently stuffed a pencil down his ear canal and he wasn't able to get it out.

According to The San Francisco Globe, for fear of getting in trouble, he decided to wait over a week before telling his grandmother.

Source: Joxi

Source: Joxi

Although the boy looked perfectly fine, after being diagnosed by a doctor, his family discovered it wasn't a pencil what was stuck in the canal.

Inside the ER, the doctor closely examined Louis’s ear. After the doctor dug around his ear canal, he finally pulled out a small watch battery.

Her grandmother wasn't too worried though, as she seemed no to be that surprised by the accident, as most parents would.

However, this experience did not come without its consequences, as Louis ruptured his eardrum after the little accident.

Although ruptured eardrums could cause hearing loss, in this case, the damage was minimal and healed in a matter of weeks.

It is really important to train little children to be able to recognize when these things could be dangerous for them, as they're always finding new ways of getting hurt.

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