Homeless woman cries in stranger’s arms after heartwarming gesture

This story proves that having faith in humanity will one day change the world for the better.

As reported in an article published by Bored Daddy, a young woman, named Carmen Mendez, and her boyfriend offered a homeless woman their leftovers but felt that the gesture was not enough.

The couple ended up buying the poor homeless woman an entire meal from the menu because they believed that she deserved a nice hot meal. 

The old woman could not believe how warmly the couple offered her a wholesome meal when all the other people at the restaurant preferred to throw their leftovers in the bin.

Overwhelmed by their humanity, the woman broke down into tears in Mendez's arms. Mendez's boyfriend took a picture of the heartwarming moment which became viral on social media.


Mendez and her boyfriend had gone out to feast on some fried chicken. Just outside the restaurant, the old homeless woman was asking people near the bin for their leftovers.

Many people simply ignored her and emptied their leftovers in the bin. Not only did they waste food, they lent a deaf ear to a fellow human being's cry for food.

Mendez and her boyfriend felt bad for the woman and decided to give their leftovers to the woman after they were done. 20 minutes later, when Mendez tried to look out for the woman she was gone.

“I have been volunteering with the homeless now for many years… they don’t repulse me or make me sick to my stomach. I hold them all with so much love.”

Carmen Mendez, Facebook, December 3, 2015

Mendez was dejected and was about to throw her food in the trash when the lady asked her from behind if she could have her leftovers. 

Mendez gladly gave her the leftover food but felt that something wasn't right with the gesture. She believed that she could do more. The couple then bought her a delicious meal hoping that more people helped the needy in such times.

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