Friends saw a strange box floating on the river. They got it out and opened it

As the friends were enjoying a quite day, they saw something floating in the river.

According to Elite Readers, they became curious and wanted to find out what was inside the box.

It was the last few days of their vacation. The friends decided to spend days having fun. There is no better way to enjoy summer than to go for a swim in a beautiful river.

The day was great, everything was peaceful and perfect. The group had everything they needed.

They had their lawn chairs set on the shore and the weather was great. Every one of them was having a great time including their dog.

The group then noticed a white box floating down the river. Little did they know that something odd and ominous was about to happen.

As the object drew closer, they recognized what it was. It was an ordinary cooler with strips of duct tape tightly wrapped around it.

Naturally, they were quite curious about its contents and brought it to shore.

The box was taped suspiciously. Whoever had taped it, did not want what was inside to get out.

The curious group decided to open the box. One among them was filming the entire episode. The man holding the camera said, “It’s like Christmas!”

The one who volunteered to open it must have been indeed brave and adventurous. He quickly peeled off the tape, while the others watched and laughed nervously.

After the man peeled off the second strip of the tape, he bravely opened the hatch of the cooler.

The group was indeed startled when they saw what was inside. They could not guess why someone would put a doll in the cooler and secure it.

Some of the friends were unaware of the box and approached them to see what was going on. One of the boys quickly closed the lid so their lady friend could see for herself.

The woman opened the water cooler and was quite disturbed by the sight. Everyone in the group was surprised by what they found inside the cooler and the reason for it being taped tightly. 

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