Selfless man has been giving up his lunch breaks to teach an illiterate homeless woman to read

A man decided to help a homeless woman after discovering her secret.

As reported by Shared, Greg Smith, from Orlando, Florida, helped a homeless woman named Amy Jo after she confessed to him that she didn’t know how to read.

The 25-year-old personal trainer and sales account executive would pass Amy Jo every day for a week on his way to work.

Smith noticed that she didn't behave like other homeless people who asked him for money. Instead, Amy Jo would smile and greet him “Good morning Sir, have a great day. God bless!” as he passed by.

Just out of curiosity, Smith decided to chat with her one day and get to know her. He learned how rough her life had been as they talked.

But despite her bad experiences in life, Amy Jo was still positive. Smith couldn’t help being impressed by her personality. They eventually build a friendship and started eating lunch together every Tuesday.

Until one day, Amy Jo told him that she didn’t know how to read and that's mainly the reason she's homeless. She couldn't find a job without that ability.

Amy Jo also confessed that no one had been around to teach her. Instead of buying food, she said that she check out library books using the money she can collect.

Smith was shocked by her revelation. He then started to borrow books for her every day. He also taught her to read on Tuesdays while she practiced on her own for the rest of the week.

The personal trainer realized that he wasn’t doing enough still. Knowing he could afford to help care for Amy Jo, he decided to surprise her and asked her one day to follow him.

Smith booked and paid for a hotel room for her. As he led her to the room, she began crying. Amy Jo realized what he’d done for her

Since then, Smith continues to check in on Amy Jo. He gave her groceries, clothes, and sometimes cash. He has some friends as well who are working on getting her a permanent home

Smith shared his experience on Facebook, hoping that maybe it could lead to someone helping another person. He also planned to establish a foundation in her name for other homeless folks.

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