Tyra Banks goes from model chic to mommy casual as she carries adorable lookalike son in new pic

Feb 08, 2019
07:12 A.M.
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- AmoMama has learned from Instagram and People, of how Tyra Banks’ excellence in modelling is rivalled by her mommy skills.


- The first time mom, 44, has been upping her abilities as a mom to York Banks Asla, her 2-year-old son.

- She seems to already be reaping rewards, thanks to her genius of a son, and she’s so proud that its resplendent in a new picture.


From ‘America’s Got Talent’ to ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ and then ‘True Beauty’ one name bears the blaze of brilliance that headlines these creations.

That’s the name of the former model and television personality, Tyra Banks, who away from a childhood of abuse has crossed the lines society forced on her.

Here she stands as a mom to an amazing mystifying son, whose 2 years point to the immediate past and whose current genius is a sign of the prospering present.


He is so radiant that you can cut through the tangibility of that quality and its density is found in one picture recently discovered.

Tyra is carrying in her hands, her 2-year-old son, York Banks Asla, marking the transition she has gone through from a chic diva to a doting mom.

Banks are all stuffed in her wear, tying a sandy scarf as she cradles York, whose eyes give away the ingenuity that bubbles within him.


That’s nothing but an invitation to the question of who the lad’s father is, an answer found in Norwegian photographer, Erik Asla.

Born in 2016, the year his parents' romance hit its 6th-year milestone, Tyra’s son is her complete doppelganger.

He seems to be one of the most-talked-about American babies currently, already boasting of a reputation that many never come to some in a lifetime.


Tyra’s son can already speak 3 languages, including English, Spanish and his father’s mother tongue, Norwegian, something even his mom can’t do at 44.

At that, Banks gets proud of her son, not afraid to share how he’s been counting from 1 to 20 since he hit 18 months.

Who would know of such things but an attentive mom like Tyra, delivering herself from the crazy demands of work to focus on her son!

The world seems to be more blessed than it knows, with mothers like Tyra and exceptionally bright kids like York!

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Source: Instagram, People