NFL superstar Tom Brady gives the latest update on his mother after a sudden cancer diagnosis

Cancer is among the most dangerous and life-changing illnesses that people might face. It affects not only the patient but the entire family.

Tom Brady, the world-wide famous quarterback who plays for New England Patriots, knows it first hand as his mother, Galynn, was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer in June 2016.

Faith Family America reported Brady, who was used to have his mother watching him play from the crowd, missed her in several matches as she couldn't be present due to her ongoing treatments of radiation and chemotherapy.

She managed to attend the Super Bowl LI, though, to see her son win the championship against Atlanta Falcons. Since many fans have been worried about her health condition, Brady shared some information about her on March 18, 2018.

'She’s doing really well. I think any family that has dealt with cancer realizes the challenge it is not only at that moment, but as it continues to be.'

Tom Brady, Faith Family America, March 18, 2018.

He added that his entire family has been supporting her throughout the process and that she is thankful for knowing that many fans and followers of her son often send her good vibes.

After the Super Bowl LI, Galynn confessed that every member of the family was going to the game and she couldn't miss it. She added that the bond there is between a mother and a son is special, which means she would never break it.

As a way to support cancer research, Brady cut off his hair, something that was for sure very appreciated by his mother.

At the moment, he is 40 years old and despite the fact he is still playing at a very high level compared to the rest of the quarterbacks of other teams, his wife, Gisele Bündchen, pointed out last year that she didn’t like him to suffer from concussions.

After losing the most recent Super Bowl, rumors about him retiring have not stopped. So far, he has not said anything regarding that topic.

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