Woman has buried three of her babies and miscarried 16. Doctors just call her 'unlucky'

The 35-year-old woman really wanted to become a mother for as long as she can remember.

Kerry always wanted to have a baby, but ever since she started trying, she had buried three babies, head funeral services for two, miscarried sixteen, and she has recently lost her twenty-second child as well.

Although the doctors told her she was perfectly healthy, they said she was just “unlucky.”

Talking to Birmingham Live, Kerry said she will never stop trying and she wanted to have answers why all of her babies have died.

When she lost her first child, Metro revealed that the need to have a child only grew stronger. Kerry’s first child, Paige, only lived for 12 hours.

A post-natal check-up was conducted afterward and it was revealed that she had cervical cancer. The doctors had to remove most of Kerry’s cervix.

She was advised to keep trying for another baby. Although the doctors have warned her that because of her reduced cervix, any of her future babies would be born prematurely.

Kerry still continued to try to have a baby but she only suffered several miscarriages.

Eventually, Kerry resorted to fertility treatment. It was successful since she became pregnant after two months. Her baby, whom she named Lucas, was born at only 22 weeks. Unfortunately, the doctors weren’t able to do anything to save him.

Following baby Lucas’ death, Kerry had a nervous breakdown.

Kerry said, “Losing Lucas is what finished us. In eight weeks I’d lost my son, my relationship, my house, my mortgage, my job, my mind – everything just completely fell apart.”

She ended up packing her bags, leaving, and never looking back.

Because Kerry had endured three losses in the second trimester, she was given a trans-abdominal stitch that was supposed to help in preventing another pregnancy loss.

Kerry revealed she was only the sixteenth person in the country to have undergone the procedure.

Later on, Kerry and her fiancé, Connell, went to an IVF clinic. She became pregnant once again.

The medical staff told them that everything was normal and well. They even heard the baby’s heartbeat.

On March 5, 2018, Kerry had another scan date. As they proceeded to check on the baby, it was discovered that the baby no longer had a heartbeat. Kerry was once again devastated.

She only had the baby in her uterus for eleven weeks. Despite all the trauma she had endured in trying to have a baby of her own, Kerry insisted that she will never give up on her dream of becoming a mother.

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