Baby wanted to kiss a dog on the snout, but the animal decided to act in response

Mar 21, 2018
12:54 A.M.

The dog proved just how adorable he can be towards his little owner.


Dogs are known to be very affectionate and loving especially when they are being given full attention by their owners.

Just when you think they can’t get any more adorable, this dog did something that can make you think twice about the notion.

All Cute All The Time shared a video of a toddler interacting with a very big, yet very sweet, dog.

The source who uploaded the video said pointed out the incredible combination of the baby’s cuteness and the dog’s own natural way of being adorable.

Somehow it seemed that the two were set to become best friends for life as they showed a very special bond towards each other.

In the video, the little tot can be seen playing with the dogs inside their home. All of a sudden, he went ahead and gave the huge dog a big kiss.


The baby approached the dog and it waited patiently for the little one to come closer.

As the child bent down in front of the dog, ready to give him a smock, the dog went ahead to lick the little toddler on the face.

Seemingly, the dog understood that the baby was trying to be affectionate towards him and he wanted to make sure the baby knew that the feelings are mutual.

After the big, sloppy kiss from the dog, the little toddler was shocked and immediately, his face wrinkled and all he uttered was a single word, “Yuck!”

Even though the baby did not expect the dog to act that way, it can still be note-worthy that the dog still had good intentions in doing what he did.

The video quickly became viral as many dog enthusiasts found the entire thing very adorable.

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