Amazing story about the friendship between Robin Williams and Koko the gorilla

The legendary actor was known for bringing smiles to the faces of many, but little did anyone know that he could do it to a gorilla as well.

Late Hollywood actor Robin Williams was a breath of positive energy in the lives of many people, including the world's smartest gorilla, Koko, according to a report from Shared.

The source reported that when Williams met Koko, the gorilla was quite depressed because his lifelong companion, another gorilla named Michael, had just passed away.

When Williams visited her in 2001 in her home at the San Francesco Zoo, the friendship between the two was caught on tape and it was a beautiful moment altogether.

The video shows the Williams and Koko quickly bonding and creating a connection. Koko, who can understand English and is fluent in American sign language, even asks Williams to tickle her.

Then the two of them can be seen playing together and even laughing hysterically. Koko even recognized the great actor from one of his films that was shown to her.

Toward the end of the video, the actor and Koko could be seen embracing each other in a warm hug. Recalling his experience, Williams stated that it was "awesome and unforgettable."

Koko's trainer, Penny Patterson, revealed that Koko had been mourning the death of Michael when Robin met her and then brought her out of it. "The first time she smiled since Michael passed was when Robin and her met," the source quoted her as revealing.

In 2004, Koko and Williams met again when they had to film a public service announcement for the Gorilla Foundation.

When Williams passed away tragically in 2014, several across the world were shocked and saddened. Koko's trainers as well received the sad news. Patterson then had to explain the situation to Koko.

After she explained it, Koko used sign language to express her grief. Patterson revealed that the intelligent gorilla became 'very somber,' with her head bowed and lip quivering.

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