Drew Carey's unexpected appearance on 'NCIS' met a string of reactions from the fans

TV show producers know that they have to think of some new aspects to include in their programs in order to keep things fresh so the audience doesn’t get bored.

NCIS, a show that has been on people’s screens for quite a long time, knows it and, from time to time, they invite actors to take secondary roles. Drew Carey, the game show host, is one of them.

Not only did he portray retired Marine Sergeant John Ross flawlessly, but also got praised by most of the audience who watched the episode titled Handled With Care, aired on March 6, 2018.

That episode showed Sergeant Ross in a big trouble after a package he had sent to active-duty marines was found to contain cyanide.

Cyanide can be used for many things, including human poisoning, which means that finding that substance in Ross’ packages was highly illegal. After a deep investigation, the NCIS team cleared his name.

As soon as the episode ended, fans took to Twitter to express their feelings. One of them was Daisy Doolittle, who admitted that she enjoyed having Carey on the show.

Debra Johnston pointed out that it was good to see Carey back on a drama project and finished her post thanking NCIS.

A Twitter user known as BB5 The Champ, who apparently hadn’t watch a single episode of the show before, commented that the fact that they invited Carey was the main reason he was watching the NCIS.

Knowing the comedic part of Carey, Cheryl Dennis wondered how many takes it took for him not to laugh during the shooting.

She added that she loved The Price is Right and that Carey was awesome. Carey is best known for the show Dennis mentioned as he appeared in 1,588 episodes of it.

Apart from that, he was in 26 episodes of Entertainment Tonight. So far, he has not announced any new projects.

His fans are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for him, though. At the moment, the 59-year-old man is not in a relationship.

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