Prince Charles might insist Camilla be named Queen, despite public outrage

A declaration from the Prince’s website was removed recently.

Inquisitr reported that Prince Charles’ website dropped a hint that Camilla could be named Queen.

There have already been talks about the title Camilla Parker Bowles would take once her husband becomes King of England. 

According to reports, Prince Charles wants the public to address her as Her Majesty.

Charles recently removed a statement on his website that said Camilla will not become Queen. There have also been reports to suggest that he will declare her Queen after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, dies.

The original plan was to name Camilla Princess consort instead of the traditional queen consort. However, the Palace has not confirmed these reports.

Charles made an agreement when he married Camilla that she will never take on the title of Queen. It was a part of a deal he struck with Elizabeth to get her blessing.

It is believed that the public is against the idea of granting her such a title because of her history with Charles. The two had an affair when he was married to Princess Diana.

Charles will also head the Church of England once he becomes King. The Church is considered to frown upon adultery, a reason why many believe granting her the title would be inappropriate.

However, Charles latest move has once again sparked concerns about his intentions. The reason for removing the declaration is not known but it seems like might be thinking about changing his mind.

Penny Junor, a royal expert, said that it was odd the statement was taken off and the general feeling is that Charles has always wanted her to Queen.

There seems to be another obstacle for the couple. Insiders claim that Charles would need the full support of his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, if he wants to be successful in his plans.

A recent poll showed that only 19 percent of residents in the U.K. believe that Camilla deserves the title of the Queen while 67 percent were against the idea.

Charles and Camilla have not commented on the development. 

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