Couple of teachers started a 'comfort closet' at their school for needy kids

Stories like these prove that there is hope for humanity despite the craziness surrounding it.

As reported in an article published by Liftable, a social media user shared that his wife, who teaches at a  kindergarten, planned with the other teachers to initiate the concept of 'comfort closet' for children who come from low-income families.

The team of teachers decided to use one of the unused locker rooms to create a closet filled with essential supplies bought using their own hard-earned money. The closet includes basic clothing and common hygiene products.

Many people outside this group were inspired by their efforts and donated to the cause. The donors came from various backgrounds that included local business owners, parents, staff, etc.

According to the statistics provided by the National Center for Children in Poverty, approximately 15 million children in America were born in families that have income levels less than the federal poverty threshold.

This means that over 20 percent of the children in the United States cannot afford basic hygiene from their families. On the other hand, NCCP states that a family required almost twice the threshold income to survive economically.

This suggests that over 42 percent of the nation's youth can be considered to be living in low-income households. 

The philanthropic teachers have also come to realize that these children who have faced poverty in their early years struggle to cope emotionally, physically, academically and mentally. They also struggle to express their feelings interpersonally.

The husband of the kindergarten teacher also shared that the comfort closet serves students studying from kindergarten to the eighth grade.

The comfort closet has been stocked with toothpaste and toothbrushes, soaps and shampoos, hygiene products for girls, combs, deodorants, and clothes. Other social media users were quick to appreciate the effort and asked how they could participate.

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