19 years after Mikelle Biggs' tragic disappearance, shocking new evidence was found

Despite the new development, the investigation is far from over.

According to an article published by Radar Online, a new piece of evidence was found in the form of a one-dollar bill in the case of the Mikelle Biggs, a young girl who went missing in 1999.

The bill bore a message, which appeared to be written by Biggs herself. The note is written in the first person, identifying as Mikelle Biggs from Meza AZ and adding that she was alive.

The bill was found in Neenah, Wisconsin, and has added a clue to the long-running case of the missing child.

The police are looking into the clue at the moment. However, they admitted that they doubt the authenticity of the tip.

Police Investigator Adam Streubel stated that the clue felt like a ray of hope at first, but eventually, they reached the conclusion that it was not going to be of much help.

Streubel, who has been overlooking the case, added that it was a helpless yet frustrating situation since it was virtually impossible to retrace the trail of the note back to the first owner.

The bill was minted in the year 2009 and would have presumably been exchanged several times before the handwritten message was noticed in connection with the case and reported.

Biggs was last seen on January 2, 1999. She was standing outside her home, looking out for an ice cream truck. Her sister is said to have been waiting with her.

However, Biggs never came back home. Her mother Tracy filed a missing report, and the case went on to grab national attention. What followed was a thorough investigation across Mesa County.

Posters of Biggs going missing were pasted on walls across the area, and the police interrogated every ice cream vendor and sex offender in the vicinity.

However, 19 years after she was last seen, Biggs’ whereabouts are still unknown.

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