Woman donates kidney to her ill boss. After a while, she gets fired

She was fired in return for a good deed.

Shared reported that Debbie Stevens liked her boss so much so that she decided to donate a kidney to her.

Described as a “kind and generous” woman, Debbie Stevens knew her boss needed a kidney transplant. She worked at a car dealership and her boss, Jackie Brucia, was unwell. 

A new lawsuit has been filed that states that Stevens donated her kidney and was fired from her job one month later. 

The lawsuit said, “Because she was naturally a kind and generous person, Stevens told Brucia that, if necessary, she would be willing to donate a kidney.”

Brucia told her that one day she may end up taking up the offer. 

The boss told her that she needed a kidney, but would find a donor on her own, preferably a family member. Stevens also knew that a donor was lined up.

Two months after Brucia had confided in her, she called Stevens into her office and revealed a heartbreaking news. Her donor was denied.

She checked with Stevens if she was serious when she had told she would be willing to donate her kidney. Stevens readily agreed as she did not want her boss to die and because she respected her.

Doctors informed the two that Stevens was not a close match to Brucia and could not donate her organ. However, they did not call it off.

They decided to allow Stevens to donate her kidney to someone else on the transplant list that led to Brucia moving up and she could get an organ from someone else.

Her kidney went to St. Louis, Missouri, and Brucia got hers from San Francisco.

After the transplant, Stevens was in pain. She had serious discomfort in her legs and she was having digestive problems.

Stevens was pressured to return to work on September 6, after she underwent the surgery on August 10. However, she went home sick three days after her return. Brucia called her to reprimand her.

She did not sympathize with Stevens and said that she cannot “come and go” as she pleases because people would think she was getting special treatment.

Brucia was herself at home, recovering from the same surgery. When she returned to work, she began yelling at Stevens in front of other employees blaming her for mistakes. 

The woman was also demoted to a car dealership 50 miles away from her home and to an area known for its high crime rate.

She consulted a psychiatrist due to mental anguish and her lawyers contacted the company. Then she was almost immediately fired.

Brucia did not comment on the issue, but her husband denied the claims saying his wife did not fire anybody. 

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