Troubled Tori Spelling reportedly hits the lowest point to date amid a string of scandals

The 44-year-old television personality and socialite, Tori Spelling, is most famously known for her role of Donna Martin in Beverly Hills, 90210. 

She is married to actor Dean McDermott, 51, and they have five children together, ranging in ages from 1 to 11. Recent reports suggest that their marriage is falling apart. 

As reported by New Idea, the family is also struggling with financial difficulties and is heavily in debt. A source close to the couple said that Spelling 'isn't coping well.' 

To add insult to injury, it was also reported that McDermott had been having an affair with Emily Goodhand. Instead of leaving him, Spelling turned it into a reality show, True Tori. 

After his affair, the couple conceived their fifth child, baby Beau, who was born on March 2, 2017. Spelling described his arrival as 'the rebirth of their relationship. 

‘Because our relationship had to crumble to be rebuilt, and it was really important that we just start it over.’  

Tori Spelling, New Idea, March 22, 2018. 

Despite their financial troubles, the family recently went on an expensive trip to Paris. McDermott used the opportunity to propose to Spelling for the second time. 

While he feels that their relationship "is stronger than ever," Spelling is not on the same page. The entire situation has been described as an 'unhealthy living environment for the children. 

The police have also been called out to their residence on some occasions, and McDermott is worried that Spelling might try to take the children away from him. 

Spelling doesn't want to consider divorce for fear that she would be called a failure. She feels it would be easier to remain in a broken relationship than admit throwing in the towel. 

After the authorities were called out to keep the peace, McDermott is not convinced that their marriage is worth fighting for. 

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