Bruce Willis' second wife Emma shares a sweet family photo of herself with her two little daughters

Emma Hemingway Willis’ marriage to Bruce Willis is almost 10 years, and they have two beautiful daughters to show for their romance. From the look of things, the little girls are as daring their dad as they both are as sweet as their mom with whom they endear fans during a special event.

AmoMama shares with you details touching on Bruce Willis’ family from his marriage to his second wife, Emma who enjoys being the center of attention with their 2 active girls, according to a March 23, 2017, post by ‘Instagram.’

It’s been almost 10 years already since Bruce Willis got hitched to Emma Hemingway Willis, a union that has wanted for nothing, romantically.

Even the joys of being parents have been presented to the pair who welcomed their daughters, Mabel and Evelyn Penn in 2013 and 2015 respectively.

The couple, especially the beautiful Emma, has never been shy about flaunting the fact that she’ll always be enamored with the two little delights of her heart.

Both little girls show what their lives are like sharing a new picture with their mother in what appears to be a penthouse.

Emma is singly cradling in her strong tanned left hand, Evelyn Penn, who has her hair gracefully packed back.

She is receiving her passionate mother’s love in a kiss on the cheek which appears rather like a kiss on the lips.

With the presence of Emma’s free left hand, 5-year-old braveheart Mabel, who began kindergarten with last September, soaks in her mom’s affection.

It’s so beautiful that this endearing portrait is actually for a photo shoot that gives an exclusive feature to Emma and her kids.

The audacious 39-year-old woman acknowledges also, the Violet Gaynor and Kelly Stuart-founded ‘The Glow,’ an intimate platform that gives a transparent translation of motherhood.

Emma’s down-to-earth personality finds expression in her decision to oblige the female-focused media outfit, as seen in her caption which is at once humorous and honest.

Along with her motherhood struggles and birth plan, she exposes Evelyn as the more emotional of her daughters, the one who threw tantrums moments before the shoot.

It’s all too sure they’re going to be found as Emma’s mini-mes some more years down the line.

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