Toys 'R' Us liquidation sales schedule finally revealed. You will definitely like something

It is well-known that the retail world is a brutally competitive business wherein the stores must keep things fresh to stay in the market for a long time.

Even though Toys ‘R’ Us managed to do it for quite a long time, they reached a point wherein their debts were just too much to bear – around $5 billion in liabilities by the time they were approaching bankruptcy in 2017.

Apart from that, the competitors like Amazon, Walmart, and Target made toy discounts during holidays to give the company the final little push it needed to shut down its physical stores in the U.S.

Freeflys reported that people got quite concerned when they made official the decision to close all 735 stores. There are two good things out of all the madness, though: big discounts and liquidation sales.

The company announced the date when the going-out-of-business sales would start and end. Surprisingly or not, they began already – specifically on March 22, 2018. People will be able to visit the stores until May 14.

While some of them might close earlier if they run out of the inventory, the truth is that Toys ‘R’ Us will run their own sales until that date. After that, the liquidators will sell everything else.

The same source explained that, week after week, the products will continually be discounted by about 25% until everything is gone. They even shared some recommendations for anyone who would like to buy something.

After pointing out that products of Apple, Fisher Price, Lego, and most diaper brands have big discounts, they said that people should make a list and keep a budget in mind.

If they are buying for Christmas, they must realize that children will be 9 months older, which mean they should buy larger sizes as well as toys for older children.

Finally, they added that they should ask the store manager to tell them the sale schedule of the specific shop they will visit to make things simpler. The kind of discounts people will see is expected to attract many buyers.

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