The way Camilla's family reacted to the news of her pregnancy

Even the royal family is not immune to the comedy of errors. 

As reported in an article published by Express UK, hilarity ensued surrounding the royal family when a mistaken report suggested that the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles, was expecting a third child.

The error was a result of the Metro mistyping 'Duchess of Cornwall' instead of 'Duchess of Cambridge.' The article was about Kate Middleton due in a week's time.

Although Metro deleted the tweet soon, the error caught fire online after Camilla's son, Tom Parker Bowles, reacted to the news expressing his shock, on a lighter note.

Tom took a snapshot of the erroneous tweet and responded to the report on the same day via his social media account.

Royal Central reported that numerous social media users congratulated Tom on the false news of him getting to meet his new sibling next week. 

Comedian Dom Joly inquired Tom if he was surprised by the news of his 'impending sibling.' Tom replied to Joly that he was not wrong in assuming that.

A reporter of The Times, Grant Tucker, jokingly congratulated Tom for being a 'proud big brother.' On the other hand, Alistair Coleman suggested Tom not to get the vouchers for Toys R Us as Prince Charles may not be able to spend them.  

The 70-year-old Duchess of Cornwall married 69-year-old Prince Charles 13 years ago and the couple has two children with her first husband, 43-year-old Tom and 39-year-old Laura Lopes.

Meanwhile, Middleton is pregnant with her third child and the due date is likely to fall on St. George's Day on April 23.

In case, Middleton is late on her delivery date, there is a chance of the third royal child to be born on Middleton and William's seventh marriage anniversary on April 29. 

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