Man, 46, with a wife, aged 19, has 'pedo' written on his car

The constant menacing from people in the neighborhood forced them to move.

According to an article published by Metro, 19-year-old Beth and 46-year-old Andy were forced to relocate from their neighborhood when someone spray painted ‘pedo’ on Andy’s van.

Both Beth and Andy shared that they are happily married. The couple with a 27-year age difference also has two children.

The duo had been harassed multiple times over a span of two years, and the van incident triggered them to finally leave their home in Llandudno to Nelson in Lancashire.

Beth is a housewife and Andy is a bus driver by profession. When asked about Andy, Beth had only positive things to share.

She stated that he was the love of her life and was very loving towards her. Beth also revealed that they enjoyed being together, going for date nights and dinners every week.

However, she added that the comments thrown at her and Andy by their neighbors had caused them a lot of pain. Beth admitted that it worried her to see Andy get deeply affected by what people thought of him.

Speaking about the strength of their relationship, Beth stated that she and Andy had stuck together through all the hatred they faced from outsiders.

After moving almost 170 miles away from their previous home, the mother-of-two shared her hope of being able to start life afresh again.

Beth shared that she and her husband hoped that people would allow them the peace of mind to live happily without judging them.

Andy and Beth first met in 2015, when Andy was helping her mother to move her house. Beth recalls that he had been very courteous and kind, and she fell for him immediately.

Beth confessed that she was afraid of what people around them would assume about them. However, she decided to follow her heart and marry Andy, who is about the same age as her mother.

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