Christina Aguilera stuns with new haircut on a new photo she shares

Christina Aguilera has made it clear over and over again that her favorite drag stan is Farrah Moan and so when she got the chance to make an appearance on the Drag Race as her idol, Christina jumped at the chance at once.

It turns out Moan is an equally big a fan of Christina’s. The show’s producers flew Moan all the way to appear on Untucked and surprised her with a one-on-one meeting of Christina. On meeting her idol, Moan instantly tears up and asks, "Who did this?" It’s honestly the cutest surprise ever!

On the same show, Christina revealed that she was so heartbroken at learning that her boyfriend was gay that she wrote the song ‘Infatuation’ just to express her feelings.

Without naming the man, Christina told her Drag Race audience;

“It was heartbreaking because I found out he played for your team, not mine.”

Infatuation wasn’t the only song from the album ‘Stripped’ that the mother of two wrote about her ex-lovers. Her tune ‘Fighter’ was also a dedication to love gone sour as are most songs from her previous albums.

In her 2006 album Back to Basics, ‘The Voice’ songstress has a song called F.U.S.S., which is widely understood to stand for “F— You Scott Storch”. Storch produced Stripped and co-wrote many songs with the singer, including Fighter and Can’t Hold Us Down. However, on F.U.S.S., Christina sings that their relationship is a “bridge that’s been burned”, and that she has “moved on” musically from him. 

Isn't it about time Christina blessed us with new music? Sound off in comments.

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