Honest dad and too clever son

A father and his 6-year-old son are walking down the street when they come across two dogs having sex.

The boy is shocked by what he sees and, being curious, immediately asks his father "Daddy, what are they doing?"

The father, not wanting to lie to his young son, tells the little boy that "they're just making a puppy," hoping that answer will statisfy his curiosity.

"OK," says the son, and the father is relieved that he doesn't probe his questioning any further than that, not quite ready to have "the talk" with him yet. 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The next day, the son bursts into his parents' room and sees them having sex. 

The father jumps up and quickly covers himself.

Knowing he's in for an interesting conversation with his son, he walks downstairs with him and they sit at the dining room table.

His son asks him "Daddy, what were you and mommy doing?"

Again, wanting to be honest with his son, he says "me and mommy were making a baby."

His son pauses for a moment, thinking deeply about his father's answer, and then replies "flip mommy over, I want a puppy!"

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