A small disagreement spells disaster for the student

It's always best not to get into an argument with the teacher

An English Professor at a prestigious university is handing back a creative writing test and he is enraged.

"None of you even know how to spell and you want to write books?"

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

The students sit in silent shame as he hands out failed tests to almost everyone. The Professor stops in front of a good-looking young man and cries: "And you Andy! You are a complete disgrace! Your only interests in this university are women and beer, but you don't even know how to spell VAGINA!"

The boy brightens up and smiles happily. "I do, Professor! I know how to spell VAGINA!"

"Oh really?" asks the professor sarcastically, "Because in your test you spelled it with two 'G's', and as far as I and the dictionary know, there is only ONE 'G' in 'VAGINA'"

Source: Wikimedia

Source: Wikimedia

"Oh no, Professor, there are TWO!" says the boy resolutely.

"Andy, if you can prove that there are two 'G's' in VAGINA I will give you the first 'A+' in my career as a teacher!"

"Well, Professor" replied the boy blushing, "You are forgetting about the 'G spot'..."

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