Woman jailed for beating her sons with a belt after they robbed a house

Despite being jailed, some people believed that her act was not an act of cruelty.

As reported in an article published by America Now, a mother named Schaquana Spears from Baton Rouge, Lousiana, was taken into custody after she confessed to whipping her three sons in order to punish them for breaking into a house.

She was arrested on the charges of child cruelty before she got out on bail. Her 13-year-old son filed a formal complaint with the police that led to the arrest of Spears. 

The 13-year-old had marks on his body and cuts on his arm after being struck by an RCA cord multiple times by his mother. The other two children also had multiple bruises on their body.

Spears said that she was enraged after she found out that her sons stole valuable items from someone's house. She recalled that her husband was incarcerated for multiple burglary charges and believed that the sons were following his footsteps.

She believed that she needed to punish her boys for their actions and decided to harm them physically to deter them from stealing again.

"They're just being kids, being followers. I thought I was showing them this is not what you do. You do not steal people's stuff, what they work hard for. I know how that feels, I've had my house broken into."

Schaquana Spears, WBRZ, December 6, 2017

The police took Spears into custody after her son told the detectives about the incident. But she was soon bailed out by an unknown person who believed that Spears did not deserve jail time for disciplining her sons.

Hillar Moore III, the District Attorney for East Baton Rouge Parish, released a statement on the episode and clarified that the police did not wish intervene in the matter of a parent disciplining their children.

However, when the specific case was investigated, the action of Spears crossed the line of cruelty after she inflicted an open wound on her son.

Meanwhile, Moore stated that his office was working with the juvenile court to ensure to speed up the release of Spears under conditions that would be satisfactory to the court.

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