Boy was bullied in school. Then biker group decide to help him

Bullying is a scourge on our society and children around the world suffer at the hands of bullies every day. This group said 'enough is enough.' 

Zane Omlid, a 13-year-old teenager from Minnesota, has endured an onslaught of taunting and torture. The other children at his school abuse him physically and emotionally. 

As reported by Faith Tap, his mother told the media that he is consistently beaten and kicked at school and that children 'write on him with markers.'

A group of bikers heard about his story and decided they wanted to help. Syd's Angels: Bikers Against Bullies formed in 2016 after they saw a video of a teenage girl being bullied. 

The teen, known only as Sydney, was lured into the woods by a group of girls whom she considered to be her friends. They physically abused her and recorded her ordeal. 

The video shocked even the hardened bikers, and they decided that they have the means to help stop bullying. In May 2017, they showed up in Zane's neighborhood. 

The founder of the group, Greg Carson, gathered his troops outside Zane's house and announced they are are looking for the 13-year-old. When he came out of the house, they cheered. 

Carson hugged him and shook his hand. Zane's mother later told reporters that it's heartbreaking having to listen to Zane describe his ordeal every day when he comes home from school. 

She was moved to tears as she explained how they "pushed him down, kicked him, punched him in the private areas." Some of the attacks happened in the same week when the bikers arrived. 

Syd's Angels accepted him as a member of their group and gave him a matching t-shirt. One of the bikers joked that the tattoos would have to wait, but Zane can wear the shirt in the meantime.

"Today is just the beginning, Zane. You understand what I'm saying? We love you." 

Greg Carson, Faith Tap, March 22, 2018. 

When asked if he had a message for other children who are the victims of bullying, Zane said it's important to ask for help. He now has the confidence that his community, and family of bikers, are standing behind him. 

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