'Counting On' star drops bombshell news about her pregnancy due date

The Counting On star and first-time mom revealed her final due date in an interview.

Kendra Duggar updated her fans about her pregnancy. She shared in an interview with Us Weekly that she and her husband, Joe Duggar, are expecting to welcome their baby boy on June 17, 2018.

Entertainment Daily pointed out that the date would be extra special for the couple since the 17th of June will be Father’s Day.

Kendra and Joe were married on September 8, 2017, and they revealed that she was pregnant in December.

In a video message shared by TLC, Joe said that he had always dreamed of having his own family. He added that having his dream turned into reality is “really surreal” for him.

Even though their first son is yet to be born, the pair has been busy planning to have even more kids.

Kendra said to Us Weekly, “We would love to have more kids if the Lord blesses us. As many as He wants to give us, we’ll be happy to take them.”

Another Duggar is also expecting to have a baby this year.

Joe’s older sister, Jinger Duggar, is also pregnant with her firstborn.

Jinger is almost in her sixth month and has been reveling at the moment, enjoying her time of being pregnant at 24.

Us Weekly also asked Jinger whether she was worried about her pregnancy or not.

She said that she wasn’t that nervous but she admitted that she was a bit scared when Joy had her baby.

"That’s probably the only thing that makes me nervous, is just thinking of the size of the baby and going through labor,” said Jinger.

Although she added that she has been trying not to think about it too much and that she is excited to welcome her baby.

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