Mom abandons her big-headed baby. Years later, little boy hears a knock on his orphanage's door

Mar 26, 2018
11:34 P.M.

The poor child was abandoned by his parents after they found out about his condition.


Little Dima was left at a Ukrainian hospital by his parents when they learned that he suffered from hydrocephalus.

Later on, Dima was taken under the care of an orphanage for disabled children located in Kramatorsk, Eastern Ukraine.

At four years old, Dima wasn’t able to walk let alone eat by himself. The staff at the orphanage believed that he wouldn’t develop properly because of the non-existent progress he was making at the time.

Although all of them were hoping he would live longer. Being alive and quite well at that point was considered a miraculous thing for Dima and the orphanage staff.


Because of the conflict that occurred in 2014, the members of Dima’s orphanage were forced to evacuate and look for a much safer place.

Due to lack of food, water, and medicine, the members of the orphanage anticipated that Dima would be part of the casualties from the conflict. In fact, they even called in a priest to pray for him before he ‘passed.’

Against all odds, Dima proved that he has enough strength to fight. Together with the rest of the children at the orphanage, Dima survived.

Eventually, he met an American family who was no strangers to adopting children. Ernest and Ruth Chaves from Vermont had already adopted seven children.

They fell in love with Dima and they processed all the paperwork.

The Chaves are now Dima’s parents. At present, Dima is now fondly called Zebadiah.

Because of the care and love that are wholeheartedly given by the Chaves, Zebadiah soon learned how to eat on his own and he can now walk with the help of a walker. Surprisingly, he was able to learn how to do all those things in just a year.

Zebadiah not only knows how to fluently speak English and Ukrainian, he is also determined to push himself further and improve his mental and motor skills.

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