Man pays for seven families’ dinners and leaves $1,500 tip for single mother at Denny’s

A man was sitting idly inside Denny’s restaurant as he watched customers eat for about two hours.

America Now shared that the man walked into the restaurant based in Utah and asked the hostess to have him served by a waitress who is a single mother.

Although the hostess found the request a bit unusual, she obeyed and gave him a waitress named Crystal.

The man went on to observe other people for about two hours as he was sitting at his table.

The employees took notice of him and they all thought he was rather odd, but what he did next was a big surprise to them.

The hostess shared that while he was watching people, seven families came in to eat. She revealed that the man paid all of their bills, which added up to around a thousand dollars.

The hostess asked why he did such a kind gesture. The man replied that he no longer has a family and he thought that ‘family is everything.’

Following that, the hostess said she abruptly turned around and walked away because she was unable to stop herself from crying. She said she saw the sadness in the man’s eyes.

Later on, the hostess revealed that the waitress Crystal was actually living in a shelter with her son. She was saving up enough money so she could give her son and herself their very own home.

The man’s bill, as shared by the hostess, was only $21.34 but she left Crystal a tip worth $1,500. The hostess said that Crystal is not about to move into her new home together with her son.

The hostess wrote on Facebook, ‘You left before any of us could say thank you, I hope you read this because you’re truly an amazing person and you stole the hearts of every one of us here. Thank you.’

Many readers were touched by the story and they all said that it was very kind of the man to help out strangers.

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