The Queen wants Charles to be the King, while polls show most Brits want another person

Polls have suggested that most Britons want Prince William and Kate Middleton to be their future King and Queen.

As reported in an article published by Meaww, Queen Elizabeth II had shared her desire to hand over the monarchy to her son Prince Charles when she turns 95 years old.

According to the report, she requested her trusted circle to execute the Regency Act if she stayed on the throne for four more years.

The historical consultant to the Netflix series The Crown, Robert Lacey, believed that the possibility of Charles taking the throne was very slim.

He reminded The Daily Beast that Regency did not have positive connotations in the monarchy as it was last used during the forgettable times of King George III.

Lacey believed that the decision makers in the monarchy and the trust circle of the Queen would not be keen on implementing the mechanism.

Being a King Regent is nowhere close to being King and Lacey believes that the Queen would know that it would merely be a temporary fix that may not end well for her son, Charles.

"When Prince Philip dies or the Queen turns 95, whichever comes first, I believe the Queen will abdicate—the Palace will spin it as a retirement—leaving Charles to become king while still in his early 70s."

Robert Lacey, The Daily Beast, March 23, 2018

Lacey also believed that the age of Prince Charles will also make the situation uncomfortable as he'd be the oldest person to take the throne.

According to the polls, the public wants the younger generation of the monarchy to ascend the throne.

Lacey added that implementing the Regency Act will be cruel for Charles as he would have to live his final years as an audition for the 'Big Job' that he has craved for throughout his life.

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