103-year-old man reveals his secret to longevity. We think that can be done by everyone

Scientists probably won’t give up until they find the secret to immortality. But, while the world keeps waiting for it, all we can do is listen to the world’s most longest-living men.

Shared has compiled a number of invaluable secrets from some of the oldest men and women in the world to have a long, healthy and pleasant life. Most people would want to follow this tips to stay around as much as possible.

There is a man from Devon, England, who famously just celebrated his 103rd birthday. This is not something one hears every day, and it raises the inevitable question about how do people manage to reach such advanced age, and it such great condition.

Francisco Nunez Olivera, from Spain, is currently the world’s oldest living man. He celebrated an impressive 113th birthday not too long ago, and the media approached him to collect the tips he considers took him this far.

To Nunez Olivera, the key to longevity has been a very healthy diet of home-grown vegetables plus a glass of red wine on a daily basis. It certainly doesn’t sound like rocket science, and most of us could easily follow his example.

‘I know I'm old but I don't feel old,’ Nunez Olivera has said. That feeling is probably the best proof that he did it right. That’s how we want to feel when we pass the 100 years of age if we are lucky enough.

Luck and chance will always be a factor when it comes to longevity, as it is for most things, but as Frederick Vinecombe, born in 1914, just as World War One was started, one needs to help a little to avoid any dangerous circumstance.

Vinecombe, who, according to his daughter, don’t take medication of any kind, allegedly has never gone to a hospital for an illness and still has all of his own teeth. He has an unexpectedly simple formula that has worked for him to reach his age.

For him, it all comes down to make sure to stay out of trouble and working hard for as long as one is capable of. "I kept out of trouble. I was doing a [tax] collection job, I worked until I was 80, I used to go up and down on them [Devonport tower blocks]," said Vinecombe.

His philosophy of staying out of trouble wasn’t always easy to follow, as he had to serve his country in World War II, having actually been shot and kept prisoner by the Nazis. He managed to come out of that incident alive, and he got to live past the 20th century.

Beyond this, Vinecombe coincides with Nunez Olivera on the importance of eating healthy:

“We always had green stuff, the food was really good, nothing half cooked. She [his wife] didn’t seem to fry much, we had a good roast Sundays, and Monday we had a nice dinner,” Vinecombe recalled.

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