Kelly Ripa's hubby flaunts his shirtless body amid backlash over Kelly's bikini controversy

The double-standards between the sexes can sometimes be shocking and even confusing. This was the case when Mark Consuelos shared a bikini picture of his wife on Instagram.

Instead of the image being praised, many found a reason to body shame Kelly Ripa. But when she shared a shirtless image of her husband, no one said anything nasty according to Inquisitr.

Kelly Ripa, 47, was body-shamed recently for wearing a bikini at her age. Her husband, Mark Consuelos, 46, recently posted a picture of his wife in a tiny bikini on Instagram.

Some were in awe of Ripa’s body but a few went out of their way to find fault in the presenter’s body shape and attire, according to Fox News. They even made a few attempts to shame her husband as well for posting the photo.

But when Ripa posted a picture of a shirtless Consuelos on her Instagram account, the comments about his photo said nothing negative. Instead, people actually told the host what a lucky woman she was to have such a “hunk” for a husband.

‘Kelly you look great. People wish they could still wear a bikini. I know i do. Keep being a sexy mama. Cheers to you and Mark. You have it, flaunt it. Jealous people suck.’

Kelly Hack, Instagram, March 27, 2018

Hollywood Life has reported how in love the pair is and the attack on Ripa just didn’t sit well with her husband. As some of the commentators mentioned, not all people seemed to realize that despite the couple living a high-profile celebrity status life, they too, had feelings.

Consuelos posted more images of his sexy wife as defiance against those who had tried to shame her. Many fans also spoke up in defense of Ripa.

Fox News reported “that didn’t stop Consuelos from posting more pictures on his Instagram story, with one simple word spread across the steamy photo: ‘Yep.'” Ripa and Consuelos have been married for 22 years.

They’re more than an average married couple. These two are very passionate individuals and that works well for them both in and out of their bedroom.

The celebrity couple both shared numerous photos of one another while on a recent vacation.

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