Desperate cat takes mother to daughter’s bedroom. Ultimately, cat turns into a hero lifesaver

Animals can sense danger and many a furry companion has saved a life. A cat named Herbie alerted his owner to something horrific.

Janine DeMartini, a single mother-of-two, adopted a cat from the Cats on Death Row kill-list. In July 2014, DeMartini realized that Herbie was put on her path for a reason. 

As reported by Addicting Stories, DeMartini had a long day behind her. She was studying all night and just wanted to sleep when Herbie tried to get her attention. 

He would jump on her bed, then jump off and run to the door. DeMartini thought Herbie was just 'being a cat,' and she tried to ignore him. But he persisted. 

After a while, she got up from bed to open the bedroom door for him, hoping that he would go out and leave her alone. Herbie kept looking back at her as if he wanted her to follow him. 

DeMartini noticed that this behavior was at odds with his usual gentle and docile personality, and followed him to see what he was so anxious about. 

Herbie led her straight to her daughter's room and DeMartini was met with a terrifying sight. Isabella was asleep in her crib but had rolled over during the night. 

Her blanket was covering her face and DeMartini was horrified to hear 'smothering noises.' Herbie immediately jumped into the crib and was trying to move the blanket with his paw. 

DeMartini realized that the blanket was suffocating her baby girl, and had it not been for Herbie, her daughter would not have made it through the night. 

"I took [the blanket] off her. He saved my daughter, how did I get so lucky? I knew at that point; he wasn't a foster, he was my family."

Janine DeMartini, Addicting Stories, March 6, 2018. 

Herbie would have been euthanized if DeMartini hadn't rescued him from the Cats On Deathrow Shelter. Not only did she save a foster cat, but the foster cat ended up saving her daughter's life. 

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