Baby goat jumps all over the place. Make sure to watch it till the end

Baby animals are cuter than their adult versions.

We Love Animals reported that a video of the friendly baby goats jumping went viral for all the cuteness that was in it.

People simply adore the tiny little creatures. A puppy or a kitten always ends up being cuddled by those around it.

Farm animals too are equally sweet. A video shows a compilation of baby goats and their hysterical actions.

It is a common knowledge that goats love climbing atop higher surfaces. They maintain their balance even on the top of the steepest cliffs.

The baby goats in the video still have a long way to go, but it is just a start.

Gershwin, Butterscotch, Marigold, and Bruno are learning to jump for the first time in their lives. The video captures the attempts of the one-year-olds.

Their owners from Sunflower Farm Creamery in Maine wrote, ‘Not yet a day old and already practicing hopping! By tomorrow they will be experts.’

Now, if the goats jumping around alone was not cute, they were dressed in adorable sweaters. The owners revealed that they dressed the little ones in sweaters as the temperatures had dipped the previous night.

Another reason for the owners to have them dressed was because Rhubarb, the goat mother, was not sure the white and tan one is hers.

It was a ploy by them to disguise the little one in a darker color. It seemed to have worked in their favor as the goat mother seemed to be nursing him.

Sunflower Farm is quite different compared to other establishments and it is something the newborns could be happy about.

There is a ‘No Cull’ policy that allows its animals to live out their days in peace rather than being killed. Most other farms would not like to have any animals if they do stop bringing the money in.

The farm said it was treating their “little goats like queens” and soon they will start offering yoga classes that would allow one to connect to the simple pleasures in life, including petting a goat and enjoying the outdoors. 

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