Daddy hilariously scolds three-week-old daughter, saying, 'No more crying'

Looks like this father has cracked the code of the language of babies! 

As reported in an article published by Faith Tap, a video of a father trying to a have a conversation with his one-month-old daughter has gone viral since it was uploaded by the mother on social media.

In the heartwarming video, the little baby girl was wrapped tightly in her small blanket. She was having a session of crying before her father took charge and decided to have a one-on-one with his daughter.

When he held her, the baby was still misty-eyed but as he started to speak, she stopped crying and the father had her undivided attention. The father had his moment and initiated the conversation as the mother captured the duo on camera.

The father started by stating some straightforward facts to his daughter. He shared his observation with her and said that she was sitting very quietly a few minutes back.

But he could not understand why she started to cry all of a sudden. With a straight face, the father inquired to his daughter the exact reason for her decision to start crying.

The little girl's curiosity got the better of her as her eyes were fixed on her father's lip movements and his made-up serious tone. It seemed like she was all ears to her father's inquiry.

Once her father asked the question, the adorable child managed to respond to him with a very cute toothless grin that inspired a chuckle from her mother who was shooting the whole episode.

The father continued and said that he was curious to know why his daughter was crying. The toothless wonder continued to smile as her father kept on questioning her.

At one point, the girl started to gaze away from her rambling father and stared into the area over his shoulder. Maybe she was experiencing her first one-on-one serious conversation and contemplating her feelings about being put in a spot.

The father concluded his conversation by telling her that she was now a grown up and almost four weeks old and crying is way past her. She should always smile from that moment onwards. 

The little girl kept giving her beautiful smile to her father and the video ended with the father planting a kiss on her face.

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