Woman unexpectedly died on a plane. The woman’s daughter just watched her mother die

It is common to hear stories of people who made a mistake and, as a result, the things they had planned went in a whole different way, but everything happens for a reason.

That’s exactly what happened to Dan Eros, a man who was set supposed to fly from the Washington Dulles International Airport to the Philippines and, in the second leg of his trip, he would go to Thailand.

God Updates reported that, for some reason, he took his expired passport and had to wait for his family to give him the right one. The original flight he had booked departed without him and he was forced to go on the next one.

The flight plan changed, though. Eros had to go to Dubai first, then to Bangkok, Manila, and finally to the Philippines.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

If things weren’t bad enough, there was another incident that delayed the flight. Several hours after they departed from Dubai to Bangkok, he noticed that the woman behind her was struggling to breathe.

Flight attendants got together three doctors who were onboard to help the elderly woman who suddenly stopped breathing. They did chest compressions and even used a defibrillator but it was too late, she was dead.

The daughter of the victim witnessed everything and, of course, was devastated. The pilot, following the protocols, announced that they would have to stop at the nearest airport that was located in Hyderabad, India.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

Several passengers got upset as they didn’t want such a detour that would take them the opposite direction of Bangkok, their final destination. One angry passenger even yelled: ‘Is the body off the plane yet?’

The daughter of the victim, in tears, felt that everybody was blaming her and her mother and apologized to all passengers. Eros, a man of faith, realized that God put him on that flight for a reason and it was to defend her.

He stood up and said that she had no reason to apologize as it was not her or her mother’s fault. Many other people of the plane joined him and shared their words of support with her. At the end of the flight, the woman even bowed to Eros in gratitude.  

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