Meghan Markle has a striking similarity to estranged Royal Family member, Sarah Ferguson

Most British royals have kept Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, in the distance for years except for her former husband, Prince Andrew, and they are likening Megan Markle to her.

According to an insider informer from the British Royal Family, there are talks around the palace of some similarities apparently found between Megan Markle, 36, and divorced peeress Sarah Ferguson, 58, Express reported.

The source close to the royals allegedly shared that comments have circulated in the inner circles of the Royal Family about what 33-year-old Prince Harry’s fiancée and 58-year-old Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, who has fallen from grace following her divorce.

When questioned if Ferguson, estranged from the family following the ‘cash for access’ scandal in 2010, was going to be invited to Harry y Markle’s wedding in May, the source pointed out to the characteristics Ferguson and Markle share.

‘The Duchess of York is very colorful and very interactive. She has a particularly robust character. They’re similar, Meghan and the Duchess of York – it’s not a bad thing,’ the palace insider said.

Ferguson, Duchess of York, became a member of the Royal Family when she married Prince Andrew, Duke of York, back in 1986. The marriage lasted for 10 years before they decided to end it.

Ferguson is allowed to use her royal title as long as she doesn’t re-marry and she reportedly still lives at her former husband’s residence at the Royal Lodge, but she has been estranged from the family at large.

When Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in 2011, Ferguson didn’t get an invitation to the wedding, and that is why there has been doubts about her been invited to Harry and Markle’s.

‘Yes she has been invited. So she will be there as long as she accepts the invitation,’ said the source.

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