Tarek El Moussa reportedly suffers from a depression 'worse than cancer'

His life has been full of physical, mental and financial struggles. 

According to an article published by Radar Online, Flip or Flop star Tarek El Moussa recently spoke up in painful detail about the mental trauma he suffered after his divorce.

El Moussa was a guest on the Dr. Drew podcast, and he spoke from the heart on how life has been treating him.

He revealed that he was going through every possible kind of struggle and that after a long time, he felt like he was in a place to discuss them.

A series of unfortunate incidents came all at once, and to El Moussa, the divorce was the most painful one. He shared that he was broken from the inside and could not even walk, with the physical illnesses adding to the trauma.

The 36-year-old celebrity’s troubles began in 2013 when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. It was a long and tough battle until the cancer was eliminated, but according to him, that was not the most difficult struggle.

In the light of his marriage troubles, El Moussa was constantly fatigued and he assumed that it was the side-effect of the thyroid medicine he was taking. 

Later, he wrongly concluded that his depression was a result of a hormonal imbalance that could have been triggered by cancer. In the hope of restoring the balance, El Moussa took his ex-wife’s advice and started getting testosterone steroids from a Botox doctor.

Those were not the only injections he was taking at that time. He also was medically required to take HCG injections on a daily basis.

Another major accident that limited his freedom a lot further was a back injury. The cancer had surfaced and been treated twice by then. 

He lost 60 pounds, was in immense pain, for which he was prescribed pain-killers. The medication messed with his hormonal balance, and he was relying on pills to help him get through with his television work.

After a four-year-long struggle, El Moussa felt in control of his life only after he focused on health again and stopped all the unnecessary medication. 

Looking back, it is difficult for him to imagine how he managed to start and run a successful company while being severely depressed and in pain.

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