Beyoncé's daughter, Blue Ivy, is a mini diva as she steps out in glamorous embroidered jeans

Apr 02, 2018
07:21 A.M.
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- AmoMama has just learned from Instagram where 'theofficialcheekywiki_' posted a picture of Beyoncés daughter, Blue Ivy in glamorous embroidered jeans.


- According to new reports, Blue-Ivy has her own personal stylist, chef, sportswear line, and pony.

- Blue-Ivy Carter might just be the most popular six-year-old in the world right now.


It turns out Blue-Ivy might be an even bigger diva than her mother.

According to reports, the six-year-old has her own staff including a personal stylist, around-the-clock duty chef, and bodyguards.

That isn't all as reports have it that the name Blue-Ivy might be a household one in a few years.


There are plans to launch her own fragrance and clothing lines and her commercial worth is such that her name is being trademarked.

Blue-Ivy was in attendance together with her parents at the Grammy Awards show for the third year in a row.

Her overly enthusiastic parents were clapping for Camila Cabello following her speech but the child immediately shushed them.


Her parents are worth a combined $887 million, therefore one can't really blame them for making sure that their daughter has the very best.

The youngest person to ever feature on the Billboard chart, Blue-Ivy lives on the west coast in her family's mega mansion.

For the past two years, Blue Ivy has been styled by Manuel.

She doesn't share a stylist with her mother, who is looked after by Ty Hunter, or her father who is dressed by June Ambrose.

Blue Ivy's picture was posted by 'theofficialcheekywiki_' and it was captioned:


'#BlueIvy got #Model height in her #DNA.'


The 6-year-old’s demure of a white and blue outfit was not so basic so as to hide her royalty from the watching world.

The Instagram photo showed her looking all lovely with her natural hair in braids.

Along with her white shirt and blue embroidered jeans which featured other details, she wore a pair of sneakers.

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Source: Instagram