Ever suspected your neighbors of growing cannabis? Here are the steps you can take

Apr 02, 2018
09:12 P.M.
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It may seem consuming a little bit of cannabis in your own private property is harmless, but the consequence can be direr.


Mirror reported that it is quite common across Britain to smell the 'notoriously pungent stench' of cannabis coming from the next door neighbors. They might be recreation users, a joint, or they might even be growing cannabis in large quantities.

In such a case, a person can take several steps. But most importantly, they are requested by the police authorities to immediately contact the law enforcement officers so that legal action can be taken.

According to the source, upon tipping off the police officers, the neighbor's name will not be disclosed nor will the cannabis-users be revealed that someone from the neighborhood had tipped them off.


Source: Freepik

While many people still assume that consuming cannabis in their own private property is perfectly legal, that is not the case as per the law in Britain, the source confirmed. The possession of cannabis is an offense and will be dealt by the police.

Police officers often use the information received from the tip-offs to investigate the areas that might have been growing cannabis. If the law enforcement officers smell something themselves, they can immediately knock on the door and investigate.

"We would encourage anyone who suspects drug activity in their community to contact us," the source quoted a Derbyshire police spokeswoman as appealing.


She further explained that the police authorities are focusing their resources to target those people, who are involved in the cultivation and the dealing of the drug.

Source: Freepik

The source further informed that depending upon the amount of cannabis recovered from the people along with their previous convictions, they will be legally charged.

National Landlord Association's Chris Norris also suggests all the landlords take references of the prospective tenants to ensure that they do not have any connections to such drugs.

Still, landlords must carry out quarterly checks to make sure that the property that they have rented is free from illegal substances like cannabis.