'The Good Doctor' officially lost a major character, adds 4 new regular cast members

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 03, 2018
07:43 A.M.
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When actors join the cast of a TV series, most of them would wish to work on the same project for as many years as possible.


That’s not what happened in The Good Doctor. Chuku Modu, who portrayed Dr. Jared Kalu during the first season of the show, has officially left the series. So far, the reason has not been revealed.

Pop Culture reported that most people didn’t see that coming, but the truth is that in the first season's penultimate episode, there was a sort of clue that made clear he was going to leave.

That episode showed him receiving an acceptance letter from the Denver Memorial Hospital in Colorado, which is hundreds of miles away from St. Bonaventure Hospital, located in San Jose, California – the hospital where the events of the show take place.


Even though Dr. Kalu was never shown admitting that he was planning to go to Colorado, the series showrunner and executive producer, David Shore, revealed that he ‘hoped’ to revisit his storyline in season 2.

Now that it is clear Modu left the cast, it is obvious that his character’s storyline will not be ‘revisited’ in the upcoming season. Dr. Kalu’s departure might be named in other character’s plots, though.


Fans immediately took to Twitter to share their thoughts. Luka, a user of the aforementioned social media website, admitted to being disappointed as Modu’s character had heart and compassion.

Terri, another user, pointed out that she would miss Modu as he helped set the tone of the show. She added that he and Freddie Highmore (Dr. Shaun Murphy) had a great on-screen chemistry.


It’s not all bad news as four actors will now work as regulars. Will Yun Lee, who played a policeman turned medical professional Dr. Alex Park, and Fiona Gubelmann, who portrayed new resident Dr. Morgan Reznick, are two of them.

The other two are Christina Chang and Paige Spara, who have been working in The Good Doctor since its beginning as Dr. Audrey Lim and Dr. Murphy’s neighbor, Lea, respectively.

Shore confessed that he wanted to learn more about all those four characters by putting them in different situations. Apart from that, he wants that Dr. Murphy can learn from them and teach them at the same time.

Twitter users, as Miss Ellys, congratulate the actors on their ‘promotion’ to series regular. Rana NWCA also pointed out that she was glad to see Lee as a regular.