Fox steals a wallet and runs away!

Apr 03, 2018
10:04 A.M.
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A guy had a chance encounter with a fox in the streets, then he makes the biggest mistake of his life by following it.


A guy encountered a fox in the middle of the street and decided to Snapchat the situation. But when he got nearer to the animal, it got a hold of the guy's wallet and ran away with it.

According to Bored Panda, when the guy saw the fox it was an extremely rare occasion for him. He quickly turned on his Snapchat to share the situation with his followers.

He followed the fox that was just about to take a turn at the corner. When the fox finds the man approaching it, it suddenly starts to get friendly and, rather than running away, comes nearer to the man.


When the fox gets closer, the man even tries petting the cute-looking animal, Bored Panda suggested. However, the animal seemed to have some other intentions.

The fox then seems to sniff at something on the floor and, before the man could even realize, snaps at the guy's wallet and runs away with it.

The guy then chases after the fox with the camera, but his effort turned out to fruitless in the beginning. The fox hides behind bushes and looks at the man as if it knew it was guilty of a crime.


Fortunately, the man managed to find his wallet the next day. He posted a picture of him with the wallet still lying on the ground where the fox had left it.

After the video went viral on social media, several people commented on the hilarious incident. The source quoted several comments that took a swing at how people should not be trusting foxes, while others joked that the fox might have been 'trained by a criminal mastermind.'