Elephant gives birth in the middle of a safari. The amazing after-birth moment caught on camera

Apr 03, 2018
03:34 P.M.
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These animals taught humans more about humanity with their unbelievable act of comradery.


Faith Tap reported a heart-touching moment of an elephant delivering to a young one while the members of her herd watch from a distance.

Giving birth is one of the most unbelievable moments a mother can ever experience. When a human gives birth, it's typically the parents, family members and random hospital employees that greet the young one.

It is a distinct story when it involves wild elephants. the entire herd is present to greet and welcome to their newest tribe member.

In a video shared by the publication, a bunch of tourists that were on an expedition, were lucky enough to witness the intimate moment of birth as it occurred. 


A female elephant was seen standing right in the middle of the grasslands. She was in the process of giving birth to her young one as the environment was blessed by rain.

The rest of her herd was at some distance from the mother at it seemed like they understood that despite being outdoors, a mother still deserves some personal space when she is undergoing the birthing process.

Eventually, her endearing offspring popped out into existence as it was introduced to the world.


Then something unbelievable happened. Every member of the herd stepped to the fore to celebrate. The herd quickly surrounded the doting mother and the newborn calf.

It felt like the new mother flaunted her creation with pride to her next of kin.

The elephants from the herd were quick to sense that there were humans in their vicinity. The herd formed a barrier around the new-born calf.

The adult elephants were vocal in expressing their thoughts to the tourists and made them know that they ought to stay back for their own safety.

Elephants are known to be sensitive and emotional creatures and it was evident from the video that they behave just like humans when it involved welcoming their young ones into the world.

Throughout the celebrations, that they expressed by wrapping their trunks around others, they were seen guarding one of the most vulnerable members of their family.